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A New Way To Explore

Pennsylvania's Outdoors

Get out and explore the world around you.

Register and start finding WikiParx today. Eliminate your worries about finding a place to stay and book a WikiPark for the night or weekend or even a week long stay for you or the family.

Let your property pay for itself!

All you do is sign up – pay WikiparX nothing. Get in and get out at will, and customize everything to your needs. Money from permit purchases shows up automatically in your account.

What Is WikiParX

Thanks for visiting WikiparX, a site that expands possibilities for all kinds of  Pennsylvania outdoors people.

WikiparX is for explorers who want to push the limits and see places and find opportunities that most never will. WikiparX is a place for landowners to sell permits to explorers granting them property access for a designated period. WikiparX allows Land Execs to list their properties easily and with no contract.

WikiparX makes this easy for landowners and explorers. Landowners: No more requests for access from recreationists who may or may not be reputable. Explorers: No more worrying about tresspassing or not having a place to camp for the night.

Who Visits WikiParXWikiparks are intended to be available for all kinds of outdoors people.







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